An organisation is as good as the people behind it. After the end of the First World War, an idea took root, in the fertile mind of its founder, Chaitsingh to provide the nation with musical instruments for greater pleasure. In 1920 a company called "Chaitsingh Gurbaxsingh & Bros." Was founded to manufacture musical instruments.

His inspiration behind the company played a major role in shaping the destiny and making it what it is today. A quality oriented firm with an aim to provide access to the genuine music lovers through quality instruments. Chaitsingh ensured that they were manufactured under his personal supervision. The result was sheer magic.

The high standard set by the company was music to the ears of discerning customers. In short, a guarantee of life time performance.

Being innovative in design and quality conscious certainly pays off in the long run. Chaitsingh's philosophy of consistent excellence has resulted in accolades like Gold Medals, Positive Testimonials and most importantly a growing loyal clientele.

The vision of Mr. Chaitsingh went beyond geographical boundaries. Exports into foreign lands where the demand for the best in musical instruments was rapidly escalating. Add to it the guarantee of lifetime performance and the company had its unmistakable stamp on exports.

The year, 1945 saw the end of an era by the sad demise of Mr. Chaitsingh. A legacy that was passed to his dynamic son Daljit Singh, who went on to position "Singh Musical Instruments" as India's best both locally and internationally.

Relationships of the highest business ethics that exceeded the promise of a lifetime performance resulted in "Singh Musical Instruments" being synonymous with quality, performance and workmanship.

The year 1976 saw a tragedy in the form of the sad demise of Daljit Singh, one of the prime forces behind the company. This left the reins of the company in the young hands of Iqbal Singh (24 yrs.) and Kamaljeet Singh (18 yrs.)

An eye for detail and an inbuilt epathy to continue the same ideals and goals set for the last 56 years took the company to great heights and formed a new company "Singh Exports".

Things moved on and the company became a force to reckon with.
In 1988 the company suffered a major setback in the form of Kamaljeet Singh's death, whose contribution to the growth of the company still serves as an incentive to constantly strive for excellence.

Today the saga of success continues with Iqbal Singh at the helm. Quality and an eye for details are still the forte of the company for the last 75 years which is poised on the threshold of a glorious future.

The company has opened two more branches with a view to continuously expand their facilities to serve the growing demand for their musical instruments. Our products enjoy great pride under the name of "Singh Musical Instruments" and are built by men with long and successful playing and manufacturing experience. When you consider "Sing Musical Instruments" consider the men behind them, men who know and play musical instruments themselves. This means guarantee of lifetime performance.

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