Model No. SR - 9 (Sitar Cover)
Cloth cover for sitar, best quality handloom, well stitched.
Model No. SR - 10 (Sitar Strings)
Set of 18 strings for tarabdar sitar, fine quality.
Model No. SR - 11 (Sitar Strings)
Set of 7 strings for plain sitar, fine quality.
Model No. SD - 5 (Sarod Strings)
Set of 21 strings for Sarod, fine quality.
Model No. TN - 6 (Tanpura Cover)
Well stiched cloth cover for Tanpura, best quality handloom.
Model No. TN - 7 (Tanpura Strings)
Set of 4 strings for Tanpura, fine quality.
Model No. VL - 7 (Violin Case)
Special Violin case with thermocol & zip.
Model No. VL - 8 (Violin Case)
Fiber Violin case with number lock system and special finish.
Model No. MN - 2 (Mandolin Case)
Mandolin Shaped case superior quality rexin full flannel lining, with lock and key.
Model No. MN - 4 (Mandolin Case)
Mandolin bag made of rexin, with zip.
Model No. SV - 4 (Saraswati Veena Strings)
Set of 7 strings for Saraswati Veena, fine quality.
Model No. SG - 2 (Sarangi Strings)
Set of 60 strings for Sarangi, fine quality.
Model No. GR - 6 (Guitar Cardboard Case)
Guitar shaped case, superior quality rexin covered, full flannel lining, with lock & key.
Model No. GR - 8 (Guitar Case)
Guitar Bag with handel.
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